Thursday, 13 August 2015

MBS Cross Country

Well done to all of our Cross Country winner! Goodluck to our team going to ECCS next Wednesday!
Cross Country Results

Year 8 Boys
1st Asher Gilpin
2nd Christian Timu
2nd Tim Bavelaar

Year 8 Girls
1st Bella Sinclair
2nd Grace Kelly
3rd Alex Lee

Year 7 Boys
1st Daan Tissink
1st James Haywood
3rd Joseph Milsom

Year 7 Girls
1st Paris Dillon
2nd Autumn Pascoe

Year 6 Boys
1st Henry Lee
2nd Oliver Rooks
3rd Joel Denton

Year 6 Girls
1st Lucy Davis
2nd Ella Deane
3rd Lukka Nicolson

Year 5 Boys
1st Maximilian Louw
2nd Jonathan Lowe
3rd Renee Allen

Year 5 Girls
1st Bailee McDowall
2nd Paige Price
3rd Elizabeth Ewels

Year 4 Boys
1st Nikau Powley
2nd George Hardie
3rd Noah Retford
Year 4 Girls
1st Ashlee Skipper
2nd Ashlyn McDowell
3rd Emma Jesson
Year 3 Boys
1st Dylan Pedersen
2nd Beau Nicolson
3rd Max King

Year 3 Girls
1st Ella Worthington
2nd Ava Ellis
3rd Anna Hardie

Year 2 Boys
1st Luke Dougherty
2nd Oliver Retford
3rd Vincent Hugues

Year 2 Girls
1st Gabrielle Dalton-Wilson
2nd Sophie Hyde
3rd Mia Gibson

Year 0/1 Boys
1st Alec Burley
2nd Frank Ewels
3rd Logan Hickey

Year 0/1 Girls
1st Lydia Ellis
2nd Ailidh McKinnon
3rd Zara Crawford

1st Overall Male- Asher Gilpin
1st Overall Female- Bella Sinclair

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